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Get GameColony games to iPhone/iPad & touch-screen Windows!

Do you like classic board and card games? Do you remember lazy summers when you played gin rummy or cribbage with your grandma or backgammon with your brother? Or maybe you remember walking by a domino table in the park? Is there room for classic, or do I dare say, vintage card and board games NOW in the age of smart phones, Wifi all around us and the world-wide web keeping us constantly plugged in? You bet!


We offer classic board and card games such as Backgammon, Domino, Gin Rummy and Cribbage (among others) in a safe and secure online format. Forget trying to bribe your brother to play with you or waiting for your grandma to finish gardening! GameColony reinvented these classic games of skill in a 21st century style: for computers and mobile devices so that people from all over the world can meet, chat and play for free or to compete for real prizes 24/7!

If you create a free account using an app like Backgammon Live on Google Play or at right now and make your way into a Backgammon Main Hall, you will see quite a few players ready to play. Join any available table and start playing backgammon. If you are in chatty mood, you can talk to your opponent while you play. If you are a backgammon geek, then by all means, concentrate on the game and skip the chatting part. If you win, your rating goes up. If getting a higher rating does not quench your thirst for competition, try GameColony.s ticket games. There are usually quite a few players waiting to play for tickets (1 ticket=1 dollar).

GameColony players compete against each other to improve their ratings or for real prizes! Our users play in real-time one-on-one, and in live multi-player tournaments. Since the games are online, there are no borders and multiple time zones will let you find a partner any time of day or night.

GameColony.s online games have been around for a decade and with constant improvements and an even stream of dedicated players, we came to have an online community of players dedicated to classic games of skill. With the explosion of smart phones and easy internet access from all over the world, the next logical step was to expand these classic board and card games into the world of iPhones/iPads and Android phones and tablets.

Our Goal

The GameColony mobile development team has started developing apps for Android and iPhone/iPad for just a few of our games and they have been a huge success! GameColony.s highly-rated Domino Live game for Android phones and tablets was recently launched on Google Play via our mobile distribution Partners (Lirina Software, BPS Software, JSI Enterprises) and it already has close to 800,000 downloads, so you.ll never be left without someone to play with.

GameColony is looking to enhance all our classic games and have them available on all major mobile devices so that you can sit at a bus stop in London and play that 125 point Gin Rummy game on your iPhone with Kate from down under, who.d play using her Nexus tablet. GameColony is getting a Domino Live app ready that would connect your iPhone and iPad to Dominoes. See GameColony iPad video at KickStarter for details.

GameColony also has a great-looking prototype app for Backgammon Live for Windows phones and as a native Windows 8 app for tablets (including Windows RT and Windows PRO series) and the app works very well with both touch screens and mouse.

Why Kickstarter?

As you may imagine, making classic community games and apps with desirable social features takes plenty of money and resources, but GameColony is committed to letting its players use the games for free without having to pay for subscriptions. GameColony also strives to minimize advertising so that it does not flood its users with a barrage of third party advertising that would disrupt games requiring concentration. With your help, we can make all of this happen!

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